Pau Claris 190 – Barcelona

what: mediterian – where: Pau Claris 190 – how much: high price

Do you know the feeling of looking for a really good restaurant and then be happy to finally have found one? Well, that’s the feeling this blog is about. The nice thing about  foodblogging is to discover restaurants that are real highlights and you think at some point, it can not get any better – but then came Pau Claris 190.

The restaurant is characterized by a clear and chic line in the interior, offering the very special feel-good factor when entering.

The guest can decide between two floors were they prefer to eat, on the upper small gallery you will have a great view over the on going in the restaurant. But not only the atmosphere is inviting, the service is in no way inferior. To get to know the menu better, I studied it a little more closely and found that the food can be described as a total mediteranean. This is next to pasta and fish as well as a qualitative selection of meat. To start a great evening, there was first a pumpkin soup with orange and ginger. Furthermore, there was a cheese plate with different varieties such as the cow, the sheep or the goat. Refined with jam and honey a real treat.


As mentioned at the beginning, there is at least one thing in this restaurant that tastes better than I’ve ever tasted before. And so we come to the main courses. The first was a tender dry aged duck with coffee and orange reduction. The meat was incredibly tender and tasty. 
The second main course was the absolute highlight and in this form the best steak ever. This was beef loin from Galicia with slowly cooked gravy. Only for this course I would like to emphasize extraordinarily that a visit is worthwhile.
But the kitchen does not only convince unbelievable good main courses. Even the desserts are in the truest sense of the word real treat. So there is a heavenly delicious brownie with fried vanilla ice cream or an apple crumble, also with fried vanilla ice.
A really great finale, for an exceptionally good restaurant!

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