Citizen Cafe – Barcelona

what: brunch cafe – where: Placa de Urquinaona – how much: about 10€

The great thing about big cities is having a meeting place where cultures and different people meet. A meeting place in Barcelona that is not only cool but also a melting pot for cultures and their tastes, is the Citizen Cafe. The offer appeals above all to young, modern humans and offers a special „worldly“ charm. All of this happens in a cool and modern setting. As it is very good quality, the products such as eggs or meal are locally sourced. The coffee comes from a Colombian roaster that produces in Barcelona.


But what about the food? Quite simply, all the things you need to be in the food heaven. Not only popular with fitness fans but now are various delicious bowls of fresh fruit.


Fresh fruits are generally a good cue. There is a large selection of smoothies, which of course are freshly prepared. But the real highlights of the Citizen Cafe are different. There is, for example, the selection of small delicacies you can order individually. Among them are different kinds of poached eggs e.g. the typical eggs Benedict or in our case eggs florentine with spinach and ricotta. There are also poached eggs with a milky truffel cream.



Another highlight and perfect for dipping are the caribean plantain breads that are  fried and come with guacamole, salsa, tomatoes and feta cheese. This dish was extra ordinary and extraordinarily good.


But to reach the food heaven you have to do a lot, but this seems to be one of the easiest exercises for the cafe. The nachos garnished with pulled pork, cheese sour cream, guacamole, tomatoes and an egg on top where the first proove. Absolutely delicious!


But to miss the crown a few more spikes, the last dish tosses everything again. These incredible pancakes not only look fantastic, they taste good too.


At least hereby the ticket is saved in the food heaven.


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