Filomena – Barcelona

what: typical spanish – where: Carrer d‘ Aldana 8 – how much: normal

Just as the spanish like to make their meals special, there is a restaurant in Barcelona that does it as well. The restaurant Filomena is a small, cozy one with a special cool flair that offers Spanish and Latin American food. The decor that gives the shop a cool touch is Spanish atypical and casual.

As cozy as the interior looks like, the more beautiful you are welcomed. This is because the service is very friendly and courteous and sometimes also rather foreign food explained. But what about the meals?! Friends of the southern kitchen will definitely feel at home here, as fresh olives are served right from the start. One of my favorites on the journey through Barcelona’s kitchens, however, was the first course. Tacos with pulled pork and home made chipotle salsa!


I’m not a taco expert, but these were the best i’ve ever had! But the menu offers even more little tidbits. There are these little rolls, which are filled with cheese and ham and are not only delicious as a starter.

One of the biggest themes of Latin American cuisine is certainly, like the tacos, pulled pork. But not everyone knows what can be conjured up from the delicious meat. So this is the next highlight of Spanish cuisine. This is pulled pork with puree of potatoes and broccoli and it tastes absolutely heavenly good!


About a visit to the Filomena Gastrobar can only say good! By the way, there are also delicious cocktails and the chefs can always be seen in the open kitchen.



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