Barcelona Bagels – Barcelona

what: brunch store – where: Carrer de Còrsega 398 – how much: about 10 €

When talking about Bagel you never know exactly, if you actually have breakfast or lunch but it does not matter, because the bagels at Barcelona Bagel simply taste fantastic at any time of the day. In the middle of the hectic city you will find a small cafe with colorful colors and bright lights that invites you to relax.

Of course you first pick the type of bagel you want. They have different varieties such as sesame, poppy seeds or plain.

Then you have to choose your topping. Those who come for breakfast are more likely to choose a cold topping, but at lunchtime, something warm is on offer. The variants are diverse and offer every guest the suitable. In addition to the classic cream cheese, there are more varietis to go. In our case, we chose one with an omelette and cheese and another one with mushrooms and chicken topped with mango sauce.


Important to mention is that the bagels are baked on the spot – and you can tell! The bagels are fresh and absolutely tasty! By the way, as a side dish you get a homemade coleslaw, which is also delicious. Everything you need to know is an absolute pleasure because the products are fresh, tasty and varied. The shopowners are also very friendly and passioned about what they are doing.



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