The fish and chips shop – Barcelona

what: fish and chips – where: 4 times in Barcelona – how much: normal

A typical fish and chips shop would most likely be expected in London, but there is a really good one in Barcelona. And what appropriate name would there be – The Fish And Chips Shop. In the rather small shop you will find delicious specialties around the topic of fish and a real cool kind of interior.

A great way to snack, which is offered in the shop, are Edamame which are excellent as a starter. The craft beer trend is also being implemented in the shop, as it offers its own brewed beer. Of course, there are also other drinks such as wine or soft drinks.


The choice of dishes is very different and begins, for example, with hummus served with lentils bread. Hummus is generally very popular in Barcelona and has a slightly taste.


But the actual stars of the store are different. For example, there is a calamari sandwich which, thanks to the herbs, offers a very interesting taste.


The consistency of the fish is certainly different than you might expect, but the taste is convincing! But of course there is a dish for which the store stands and which is absolutely a highlight in terms of taste. Simply fish and chips!


These dishes are so delicious that any London fish and chips shop would be jealous, so be sure to try!


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