Lunch @ Daalder – Amsterdam

What: French-International Cuisine – Where: Lindengracht 90 – How much: Lunch about 30€

The perfect oopurtunity to enjoy culinary delights at lunchtime is the restaurant „Daalder“ in Amsterdam. The French-International restaurant offers a menu of three, four or five courses which leaves nothing to be desired. Even the ambience of the small restaurant, near to a canal, invites you to linger.


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The friendly service in the restaurant gives you the feeling of being comfortable and relaxed. After a short consideration, we decided to try the menu of four courses. Before the menu started, the first nice surprise came, an amuse gueule.


It consisted of a mini pastrami sandwich and a variaton of beetrot, hibiscus mouse an olive. Especially the mini pastrami sandwich has been particularly enjoyable. The following 1st course consisted of a tuna tartar with kimchi, avocado and beet cazpacho. One of the two dishes was adapted to our request and instead of tuna tartar it was pumpkin served.

The next course was a very clear highlight in terms of taste, as the flavors were particularly harmonious and combined to create a special experience.

This course consists of poached egg, cauliflower and burnt butter. Garnished here with coffee powder and croutons. Really an extraordinary taste experience that you will not forget so fast.


Of course, there is also the possibility in Daalder to order the right wine for each course. This is served before the course and agreeable.

An intermediate course was followed by a highlight of French cuisine. In perfect harmony, scallops are bedded in a lemon sauce with cress.


To crown a hitherto very successful menu, the main course followed, which is in no way inferior.


This course consists of duck with crumbled pistachio pieces, bourbon whiskey sauce and homemade corn puree. This was a fresh cornbread served which harmonized perfectly in the combination as compensation.

Also not to forget is the bread, which is delivered from a local bakery and the aisles very airy complements.


All in all, I would like to clearly recommend the Daalder in Amsterdam and highlight the extraordinarily tasty courses. The always friendly service and the quaint, cozy ambience are worth taking a detour in purchasing. That’s why I say here

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