Dersett – Milan

What: Italian restaurant – How much: easily lifted – Where: Viale Gian Galeazzo, Milan

Anyone who thinks of Italian food will certainly not come by for pasta, pizza and ice cream. The Italian kitchen does not know any limits. At the Dersett in Milan these borders are regularly crossed. Creative cuisine meets a modern ambience and is paired with Italian tradition.


The menu consists of traditional dishes but additionally offers a lot of creativity. For example, the meatballs with a creamy Ruccola sauce. The tender meat is perfectly forged to the sauce and looks great.


But there are no limits to creativity for a long time. Also highly recommended are the crispy breaded balls in a potato cream with bacon. Inside these breaded balls you can find a perfectly poached egg, which fits perfectly with the sauce.


A true pleasure both visually and on the tongue. On the first look kind of similar but different are the croquettes with a cream cheese-pepper filling. These are a modern version of the traditional “cacio e pepe”. You can have them as a starter or as an intermediate course.


But now lets move away from their very tasty appetizers to the main courses. Since the menu is kept small, the selection is limited, but sufficient. For vegetarians and those who just are not in the mood for meat, the saffron risotto is an awesome choice. The green asparagus, as well as the fresh and aromatic herbs complete the dish perfectly.


But connoisseurs of good meat will also find their full satisfaction. Particularly noteworthy is the lamb shoulder with potato and wild broccoli. The sauce from the fund completes this perfect dish.


A visit to the Dersett is not only worthwhile for those who combine Italian cuisine with pasta or pizza. Especially the great dishes are a feast for the eyes and delight the eyes and the palate at the same time.



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